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The Story of an Hour - the Feeling

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Name:Ngô Thị Mỹ Ngân

The story of   an hour

Kate chopin

The feeling

As humans, we live our life within the boundaries of our belief systems and moral guidelines. Yet, one unexpected event can suddenly knock us out of our comfort zone and thrust us into a completely different arena.It is such a case of Louise Mallard in the work called”the story   an hour of kate chopin “.The story is around the change of her awareness as well as mood in the each of stage in the story,upon hearing the bad news about her husband’s death,and then moving herself   grief in crying,finding the freedom in her small room, and finally dying with the despair into the loss of freedom .

After receiving news about her husband ‘s death,she cried so much and sinked into deep state of misery ,sob in her sister’s arm with   wild abandonment until she no longer wept and suddenly went upstair to a   small room to be alone   in the amazement of Josephine and Richard.She stood near the window and facing open window,symboland pressed down in roomy armchair in the mixture of physical exhaustion and emotional sublimation .”open window” is   a symbol of security and the connection to the world,to life.It was this moment which marked the new threshold of her life .She could see the picture of natural beauty in front of her house with a variety of changes that she had never felt before.It seemed that the tops of trees were all mixed with the new spring,the light wind made the leaves fluttered and flied out of the trees in the sound as if someone was singing reached her faintly.At this time,she was waiting for something which she didn’t know,it was so elusive and hard to name.Perhaps,she felt what it was,it was the derise for freedom.Nothing can be deny that she wished to escape the   world she was living with the hope of finding new horizon for herself.She said it over and over again :free,free,free.It is possible that she was imprisoned in certain miniature space which her husband unintentionally...


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