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Go At Throttle Up
My eyes were glued to the almost lifelike box. The . . . What was it called? The telefusion? What I saw amazed me. It was out of this world. I mean literally out, out of this world! It was the NASA program showing the launch of the space shuttle, The Challenger, launching live from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. My second grade body lying comfortably on the red leather couch snuggled up in my train pajamas and my soft blue blanket.  
“Hey, Frankie! This television must be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You can see anything, anywhere, anytime.” Mother’s head poked through the kitchen door frame. “Tell me when the go-ahead is given, so I can watch with you.” She finished talking, and then went back to the kitchen.
“Yes, Mother.” I responded, with my eyes still plastered to the screen.
I watched the excitement build, reporters everywhere, families of crew members, and locals who came to watch the historic event of the first teacher going into space.   Awaiting the launch of NASA’s 10th space mission, seven crew members, dressed in full orange uniforms, walked out from the NASA headquarters and into the Challenger, waving towards the crowd and the cameras.
Once inside, they started preparing for the launch. As a result of the cool weather, the ice team had to come out and clear icicles off of the launch pad. While running final tests, a minor problem was detected; causing a delay to assure the fire detection system was working again. After waiting two hours, so repair work could be done, they were running final checks again.
Once the go-ahead was given the crowd was cheering. I was watching intently, awaiting the enormous structure to jet off into the vast open skies.
“Mother, The delay is over. They are going to launch soon. Come watch!” I yelled excitedly into the kitchen.
“Thank You, Frankie.” She said as she walked into the room and sat next to me on the couch.
The camera turned onto an elderly couple,...


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