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Manager as a Coach

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Consider these KRAs…
KRA1: Employee retention – Responsibility – HR
KRA2: Career development – Responsibility – HR
Now check the two incidents carefully…
Over few weeks, Meena (Executive – Finance) was doing a lot of mistakes in her work. Her manager Ramgopal noticed it. Rather than getting annoyed, he decided to find out the reason by talking to her. After making her feel comfortable, he checked if she has any concerns at workplace or at home. This conversation revealed that Meena was constantly worried over last few days owing to deteriorating health of her mother.   Ramgopal then helped her figure out ways to pass through this situation and offered facilitation such as giving her time off as and when needed. Meena was quite relieved and going forward that showed her performance at work. It did not only result in better performance but also lead to Meena continuing to work in the same organization despite the fact that the pay and the employer brand not being one of the best in the industry!
Pravin was working with ABC Technologies for 5 years. Despite the fact that he was technically very storng, he had not received any promotion till now. Pravin was now reporting to Madhav over six months. Madhav was always impressed by Pravin’s technical skills and wondered about the stagnation experienced by Pravin. After careful observation Madhav realized that Pravin was a silent worker and did not talk much about his contribution. Also he was afraid of being demanding and confronting with seniors. Madhav opened the topic with him and shared his thoughts. Pravin agreed that owing to his nature, he was not able to grow. Then Pravin and Madhav together created a plan for providing better assignments to Pravin which would lead to a better designation and pay for Pravin.
What would be your response now? Are the 2 KRAs listed above belonging to HR or to line Managers?
It is said that employees leave Managers and not organization in most of the cases. Best of the...


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