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Tet festival
The Tet festival began thousands of years ago when Vietnamese farmers held joyous feasts and ceremonies to thank the gods that spring had once again arrived.  That is when the Vietnamese farmers prayed for a successful year in growing crops.  Till this day, Tet is still considered to be a very important event in the Vietnamese communities.  It’s an occasion where families, friends, and relative come together to celebrate the rich event.
        The Vietnamese New Year is usually celebrated in late January or early February, depending on lunar calendar.  Although the celebration lasts for more than a week, officially, it is celebrated for only three days.  The Vietnamese people believe the events in the first day of the Tet New Year will set the course for the next twelve months.  The Vietnamese New Year is a celebration of the beginning of spring as well as the welcome the New Year.  It is also a time for reunion of members in the family to show faith and respect to ancestors and the elders.  It is also to express love and care for friends and relatives to share forgiveness to on another, and most of all, it is a time to relax and enjoy after a year of hard work.
        In planning for the Vietnamese New Year, there are four important items, which can be seen in and around every household.  Neu, is the most representative object of the New Year, it is a stake of bamboo placed in the ground, in front of the house for seven days.  Hoa Mai, is a small yellow or pink flower with five to eight petals.  It represents the spirit of Tet and also symbolizes prosperity and well being for the family.  The third item, bang chung is a rice cake made of leap rice, peas and pork.  It is covered by three or four layers of banana leaves and cooked for a very long time.  This cake is highly symbolic of the strong and intimate relationship between Vietnamese people and their environment.  The green of the banana leaves represents the sky, and the cake inside, the...


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