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Language is the system of signs and symbols. All theories are assumptions about language. It came from the divine source.

According to one view God created Adam “and what-so ever Adam called every living being, it was the name there off.”

Alternatively following the Hindu tradition, language came from Godess Saraswati, wife of Brahma, creator of the universe.

In an attempt to find out its origin, a few experiments were carried out with rather conflicting results.

The basic hypothesis seems to have been that, if infants were allowed to grow up without having any human language than they would spontaneously begin the original God given language.

An Egyptian Pharaoh named Psammetichus tried to experiment with (2 months old) new born infants. After two years in the company of goats and mute shepherd, the children were responded in such a way that they didn’t speak any Egyptian word but the Phrygian word Becos means Bread. The pharaoh concluded that Phrygian must be the original language. That seems unlikely. The children may not have picked up this word from any human source as several commentators have pointed out that the children said what they heard from goats.

Phrygian Language:

Auto Gespalson says:

            “The genesis of language is not being sought in the prosaic but in the poetic side of life; the source of speech is not gloomy seriousness but merry play and youthful hilarity……. In primitive speech I hear the laughing cries of the exultation when lads and laces vide with one another to attract the attention of opposite sex, when everybody sang his merriest and danced his bravest to lure a pair of eyes to throw admiring glances in its direction. Language was born in the courting days of man kind.”

It is just his imagination and speculation we find no direct physical evidence to support the statement that spoken language was prior to written one.

The Holy Quran says:

            Read! In the name of Thy...


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