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Police Stun Guns and Patrol Car Video Surveillance

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Police Stun Guns and Patrol Car Video Surveillance

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The employment of technology in dealing with criminals has long been debated upon . For instance , capital punishment via electric chair , gas chamber , and lethal injection is criticized for its inhuman and barbaric nature . And yet , victims of heinous crimes and supporters of the death penalty find capital punishment as protection to the society (Koch 1985

In the same way , the use of police stun guns is viewed by those against it as unnecessary infliction of pain and , therefore

, inhuman . However crime victims see the use of stun guns in capturing their assailants as beneficial and valuable . Similarly , the use of patrol car surveillance has been criticized as invasion of privacy but individuals who yearns that the violation of their rights find justice perceive the use of patrol car surveillance as a valuable means to expediently suppressing the assailants

Police Stun Guns

Because of the high crime rate in the country , many people have succumbed to the inevitability of using police stun guns to protect innocent civilians from attackers as well as to stop the assailants with minimal harm against the latter . Stun guns use high voltage to stop an attacker by immobilizing him but without inflicting serious or permanent damage (Eaton , 2007 ) Two mechanisms allow this to occur : it confuses the nervous system by sending electric current through that system and it also causes the muscles of the body to contract rapidly making them do a lot of work in a short amount of time depleting their energy making them unable to move (Beatty , 2007

Those against the use of stun guns may argue that it is unnecessary infliction of harm against the suspected assailant . However , the fact remains that criminals who attempt to flee also need to be captured for the benefit of the victim and this can be done with minimal harm against the assailant with the use of stun guns . Thus...


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