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College Students Face a Number of Pressures.

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Maria B Toussaint
EN120 – English Composition I
Assignment 01
November 28, 2011

Part B – Illustration Paragraph – College students face a number of pressures.

Many students face a number of pressures while in college.   For instance, one of the pressures is financial pressure.   Because some students have to work more than one job to be able to cover all college expenses.   Another instance of college pressure is time.   Some students have a family to take care of like myself.   Dividing their time could be very difficult at times. For example, having to work 8 hours, five day a week; then coming home to take care of the house work and the kids is time consuming. Yet, they have to find time to do college work. Another example of college stress is parental pressure.   However, this type of strain does not affect every single college student. It mostly affects the younger students that depend of their parents financially and that lives with the parents.   Since the parents are the ones paying for their education, they demand for the student to obtain good grades.   College pressure could be dangerous at times because it can lead to the students hurting themselves.  

Description Paragraph – An interesting person you have seen on campus

Before I started to attend Ashworth University, I attended the University of the Virgin Islands, that’s when I saw the most interesting person on campus.   One morning I was getting ready to go to class and while sitting in the car I saw a Caucasian guy walking without shoes.   Beneath his feet were so dirty.   He was walking very slow and with his head down.   He started to walk towards me and I started to worry.   This young man seemed to be in trouble and I was concerned.   But before I could ask him if he was okay, he passed me straight without saying a word. I started to walk behind him just shaking my head wondering why he was walking without shoes on the campus.   Later that day, I found out that he was trying to...


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