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A Soldiers Diary

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17th September 1939,
Dear Diary,
We have entered Germany and have already come under heavy fire from the enemy.   Our plane was shot at and crash landed. We headed to St. Lô where in the local graveyard, a mighty battle took place against the Germans and although we won, we lost two men in battle.   We then arrived in Chambois where the bloodiest battles in history have taken place, most noticeably the Rebellion of 1904.
Four more people are being drafted into our squad tomorrow to help out and replace the ones we lost today. Even though we are getting more people in to the squad, we know we will struggle to beat the Germans and advance towards Paris.

4th November 1939,
Dear Diary,
Three weeks without any help and those four that were supposed to come never arrived.   We were told that they were needed elsewhere.   I was angry because we were in the worst place for fighting ever and we were short in numbers to rally against the Germans. If we lost more men we would have to surrender and retreat to the base.   Corporal Keith and Sergeant McCullan were shot and only for the medics would have died. Private Guzzo went mad on the radio afterwards.

14th January 1940,
Dear Diary,
Finally after three months nearly, help arrived to join our squad and fight the Germans.   If only it had come sooner, because the Germans have now more troops at their disposal and are now harder to beat.   We got six new members but Major Ingram was kidnapped so now we have to retrieve him. Corporal Keith’s wound has got infected again and he’s in real pain.   I think that he has to go home and get some proper treatment and not just pour iodine on it every few hours.

27th February 1940,
Dear Diary,
We made it through Chambois at long last.   We beat the German infantry after five months of idleness and waiting around.   While we were moving out though, Corporal Keith died from his wound.   I knew he should have gone home and got proper care. As we headed to Paris, everyone was thinking...


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