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The Hilton Hotel

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The Hillton Hotel

          I woke up with a feeling of excitement because today I was going on my holidays, so jumped out of my bed, and ran as fast as a hare downstairs. As I was approaching the kitchen, I could smell the familiar smell of mom cooking my favourite breakfast. I devoured my breakfast in no time at all!

        In a half hours time, my Dad started to put the bags into the car, and started worrying about the time.
He started shouting ‘come on we’ll be late.’ Eventually we left for the airport and we were all very excited.

        Finally we arrived at the airport, and my brother and I went off to find the trolleys for the bags, because there was so many of them. Eventually, the plane took off and we headed towards Florida. During the ten hour journey, we watched a movie and slept a little, so it was not too long.  

        Finally, we arrived in Florida. After we got our bags, we went to the rent a car office, and got the car. (It was the nicest car we every got and it was a convertible because of the nice sunny weather in Florida) After all that we left for our hotel.

        Eventually we arrived at the hotel, and mom read a sign which she thought read: ‘hotel being renovated’
But it actually read just finished renovation, we all got a fright. When my dad parked the car we all jumped out as fast as we could, and raced inside.
As I looked around I was speechless, it was magnificent. When my mom came in, she thought it was outstanding because she was here a year ago and there was WATER leaking from the roof so this was huge improvement.  
            My mom and dad went up to reception, to get the room number and the keys to our room. My mom got out the “specials” leaflet and showed it to the receptionist, it read ‘stay two nights get another night free’. The man said ‘no problem’ so, we were staying a extra night. We headed straight for the lift and up to our bedrooms. The bedrooms were spectacular as well....


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