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A Restaurant Manger

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A restaurant business is one of busiest and most stressful business out there, not only it stressful but also it’s also very repetitive. Customers are very needy and should you make any mistake they will try go after your pocket. It’s a server’s job to keep customers satisfied and make no mistake to avoid any conflict. Unfortunately we are just humans, and humans make mistakes.
My job as a supervisor is to be a good listener and communicator. I have to make sure that my employees are happy and motivated; therefor I have to give encouraging and motivating speeches from time to time.
Prior to the meeting I would check critic’s reviews on the restaurant and what needs to be improved, by doing so I would be prepared to conduct a meeting
I would start off my introduction with current events that are going on in the restaurant and give my employees feedback on the previous week. I would acknowledge any positive sales and give gratuity to employees that are giving their best performance. On another note I would point out negative aspects of previous week that I encountered, including customer complaints, any laziness, attendance, appearance and attitude.   All of these qualities reflect on they work and if they are lacking in certain areas that would affect our service and customer satisfaction.
Once I am done covering the previous week events and would move to current week and would inform them about current week’s reservations and set goals in order to encourage them to be competitive and have higher sales.
Then I would I ask them to give their feedback and let me know if there is anything that need to be improved to make it easier for them doing their job. Afterwards   I would thanks them for leasing and making their comments and wish everybody luck


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