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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Just Don't Understand American Capitalism

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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Just Don't Understand America”

I maintain that the Occupy Wall Street protesters conducting lengthy rallies across the USA (and across the world) just don't understand and appreciate the United States of America, the greatest force for good that this Earth has ever known.

I suppose to begin with, I have a little trouble with the profoundly un-American operative word “Occupy.” True “Democratic” protesters don't stubbornly “Occupy” anything that isn't their own personal property in the first place. They compliantly apply for a permit to publicly address their various grievances, demonstrate their major points of view between the reasonable hours of nine a. m. to five p. m., and then after conducting their peaceful demonstration, the bona fide protesters go home. Isn't extended loitering still against the law?

Whenever I ponder the terminology “Occupy,” I think of Adolph Hitler and his crazed Nazis “Occupying” France, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Poland. My traditional mind contemplates someone actually taking and using something that is unlawfully his or hers. Genuine demonstrators don't “Occupy” anything. They peacefully make their public statement and then use the “democratic” method of the Election Day ballot box to actively change society to conform with their perspective's immediate goals and objectives.

When I further think of the suspect word “Occupy,” my mind instantly contemplates a stark scene from the movie Dr. Zhivago. Zhivago returns home to Moscow after serving his country at the Russian WWI front. Meanwhile, the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution has occurred and Zhivago finds his formerly beautiful home “Occupied” by fifty irate dissidents. The Bolshevik “protesters/occupiers” tell Zhivago that he would be allowed to stay in his former home if he abides by their inflexible rules and if he gratefully pays for their food and for their basic daily necessities.

If the New York Wall Street...


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