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Funding a Business Venture - Essay

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Running Head: Becoming an Inventor 1

Becoming an Inventor
Reupena William Afalava
Professor Kathleen Kollar
Business 105
11 January 2012

Running Head: Becoming an Inventor 2

An inventor is a person who invents, especially one who devises some new process,
appliance, machine or article, a person who creates inventions. An invention is a new
process, machine, improvement etc,.

The inventor enjoys working at home, enjoys cooking, cleaning, repairs and remodeling.
Has no management skills with less financial skills. This inventor came up with a new
kind of appliance to meet everyday consumer needs. Great idea but to start the
process, there was not a clue to how much funding this whole process will cost.

Running Head: Becoming an Inventor 3

Becoming an Inventor

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. This quote is often used when a miraculous invention is discovered. Throughout history, many inventions have been created, and many inventors are discovered. We often wonder what will be invented in the future to improve our situation. In the last 150 years, many inventions in communications, transportations, health and agriculture have solved various problems in our world and brought the entire planet closer. The computer, cell phone, automobiles, vaccines and improved farming techniques have made most people’s lives easier, however, problems still exists in the world. Therefore, in the next 150 years, more inventions need to be created to improve the lives of many and the following invention stand out as being the most useful for our future.
The main problem for the many inventors today is the funds. Funding new inventions is somewhat a 50/50 chance of making it out there. Inventors need to have very useful and important reasons for the new invention. Gathering information as well as testing the product are some of the steps to start inventing. Making sure that the product will meet the needs of the...


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