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Abortion in Society Today

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Kimberly Brenton
PHI-105 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
November 18, 2011
Dr. Davenna Williams

      There are many views and opinions on abortion. There is not an easy answer for many. I am not that way. I have an opinion on abortion and it is an easy answer for me. I do not believe in abortion, there is a soul attached to that child from the moment of conception. It is not just a thing. It is a whole person; an abortion would be considered murder of a person, not just the disposal of a fetus.   . My frame was not hidden from you   when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;   all the days ordained for me were written your book before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139:15-16, p. 1057) I understand there are many reasons for considering abortion. In the case of rape, the thought of having that child would be very hard. But you have to remember the child did not do anything wrong. It would be difficult to do but the right thing would be to have the child. If you could not accept the baby there are thousands of couples who can not have children but want them. By giving your baby up for adoption you would be blessing someone else by your tragedy. It might even help you to deal with the situation if you consider it a blessing for someone else. In our society today everything is disposable; it is a disgrace that the life of a child is considered disposable also. Science says that you will soon be able to “order” the baby of your dreams; if it is not the way you want it you can just get rid of it. That mentality will be the down fall of society. Science is wonderful, and very useful, but just because we can does not mean we should. To use abortion as an option for “ordering” a baby is deplorable.   However, that is what it is becoming. We have taken out the fact that we are talking about a person. Not a fetus or zygote or any other “thing”. It is not a...


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