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My Goals in Life After High School

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My Goals in Life after High School.                   By: Timothy “Tim” Brown
            And My Plans to Obtain Them.

My Goals in Life After High School are to remain simple. To be true to my self and God. Commit no more crimes and give back to my community. Get and keep a job and make a home life for myself. I have learned a few lessons in life the hard way and nothing has never been given to me for free. High School has been a growing up experience for me and I will take what I have learned and go with that.

If I have learned any thing in life is that you must be true to your self and God before you can ever come clean with society. If you want to earn peoples trust and respect you have to trust and respect your self first and ask for forgiveness. Learn to move on from the past and forgive and forget. Learn from my mistakes try not to make them again. Life is what I choose to make it and no one owes me anything.

First High School or any school has been hard for me so making it through school is a victory for me. The one thing positive about getting into trouble is that I have learned that my education was very important to me and that I want to graduate from high school and learn a trade of some kind so I can support   myself and a family one day. Getting locked up opened my eyes and scared me to a point in life that I never want to go back to jail again.

What I have learned from this and how I plan to obtain these goals are simple. First no more trouble for me! I am trying to stay away from any and all trouble and crimes. I am staying in school until I finish high school. I am looking for a job. I help out at my local community church and I like it.   I have ask for forgiveness from the people that I have offended   and I stay away from the people that I used to get into trouble with. I have found a good foster family that believes in me and helps pushes me in the right direction when needed.  

In conclusion my goals in life are simple and how to...


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