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We parked in the Baldwyn bank parking lot. Olivia C., Abby, Olivia, Anna Claire, and I all hopped out of the 2000 model, champagne colored Cadillac.
    We scooted over to a white table and paid our 10$ fee and jumped in line.
“I can’t do this!” Abby was terrified. “I’ll just wait for ya’ll out here!”
    We all sprinted up the stairs and went threw the rotting door way.
It was a dark maze and then I saw I sliver of light coming over from the next wall. As we reached the other side of the wall I could what looked to be a mad scientist with a head on a stick. “Come play with Suzie!!!” the mad scientist shrilled. Then the three girls sitting up against the wall started crying and the head fell of the stick!
    Then we were outside in no time. “Where are ya’ll headed?” and random man came up to us and asked. “We are uh, headed to the, uh old theatre.” Our guide studdered. “Well can this kid go with ya’ll? He got left by the last group!” the random man asked us as if in a hurry. Our guide replied “yeah, Sure.”
    Then when we started towards the old theatre a group of zombies came out of nowhere and started chasing us with chainsaws! So we turned around and ran inside a random door. I could see a creepy clown standing in the corner. You could say I was a little scared of that stupid clown. But by now, Madison and Olivia were crying “Leave me alone! We’re going to die!”
          We started towards a hall and ran threw a mirror. Yes, I said it a mirror but instead of shattering it just opened. When we went threw the mirror it was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything! So I just laid my head on the person in front of me and closed my eyes. We ended up in a room with a man on a table with his guts exposed and another man with an electric saw and was tearing his insides out! It was sooo creepy. So we ran out of there before we were his next victim. Then we ended up in a room with what looked like the grim reaper. Then all of a sudden a door busted open....


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