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The children play a big part in shaping the theme of fear together in 'The Chrysalids'. The children know they are different, and they fear their elders and their parents. These children possess powers of telepathy, which would be known as, a deviation in Waknuk. Their fear is that their powers will somehow be revealed and they will therefore be captured, killed or cast away to The Fringes. The children's fear of their telepathy being exposed has motivated them to runaway. "Katherine has admitted it, confessed." (130) Katherine's fear of losing her life motivated her to confess that her and a few others were telepathic. First she had a fear about her abilities being found out but then she had to fear her life if she did not tell the norms what was so different about her and why she was running away. "I've killed him Michael. He's quite dead." (128) Rosalind's fears lead her to kill a man, yet she felt so guilty about it, although they tortured many of her kind. She may have felt guilty as she thought the norms would find out that she killed that man and then they would kill her. David and Petra Strorm are the ringleaders in the escape. "If we were to survive, we must keep our true self hidden..." When Petra was drowning, David and Rosalind heard her cries through their minds, which then made them fear more, as people were becoming suspicious as no-one else heard her. They then had to fear Petra, as they realised he powers were much too strong for her and she was too young to fully understand it. She may tell someone about it and therefore would leave the other telepathy people at a greater risk.



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