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Chrysanthemums are the flowers which are cultivated foremost in China since 2500 years. The flower was introduced in Europe around 17th century. It was claimed by Japanese that the flower may have been brought to Japan around 8th century. The exact details of the origin of Chrysanthemums are still vivid. At present there are 13 different blooms of chrysanthemum.
Initially most of the Chrysanthemums available were in yellow color. Pink and Purple colored Chrysanthemums were available very rarely. Now we have a numerous varieties of Chrysanthemums available most of which are developed by Japanese. The Chrysanthemums first entered the flower exhibition in 1795 which was held at England. Latest varieties of chrysanthemums are very flashy with different look than the wild variety. In 1800 s, the Royal Horticultural Society has sent a botanist to chin on an expedition to search for rare species of plants. In early decades of 1800 s, Europe successfully Chrysanthemum seed after many unsuccessful attempts. A French business man has brought three types of Chrysanthemum from China, of which only one survived. This was the first Chrysanthemum type grown in the western countries. Finally this Variety of Chrysanthemum reached Kew Gardens. Later in the last decades of 1700 s description of this variety of Chrysanthemum entered in the Botanical Magazine. The London’s Horticultural Society of supported the import of new varieties from the east. The very first English sprout was grown in early decades of 1800 s. Later a number of sprouts were introduced, of which two have become most popular. These ruled for almost a century and these are still displayed in the 1960’s N.C.S. register. Two of which the first one was decorative and yellow in color, while the next was large and in pink color. Later a number of color variants of these two varieties were introduced. It was in the beginning of 19th century chrysanthemums were introduced to America. In that time, chrysanthemums were t...


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