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The New Bear

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Q 1: In your judgement, was G. Heilemen Brewing Company decision to brew and market its malt beer in any way, morally inappropriate? Explain your answer.
Ans:   In my point of view the decision of G.Hielman brewing company was morally inappropriate because they used the name power master illegally which emotionally attract the customers towards   it high alcohol content bear by feeling powerful and masterful. Although power master contain 5.9% alcohol which was very high as compared to regular bear   i.e.3.5% .The high alcohol bear increased the liver and heart diseases. Due to government critisim they discontinue the colt 45 and start producing more high alcohol bear with new name power master which misreprestend the product .So the decision of G.Hielman Brewing company was inappropriate to brew its bear in way.
Q2: Shoult the BATF have allowed the company to market its repackaged version of beer? Explain.
Ans:   The BATF should have allowed the company to brew its repackaged version of bear because the new name colt 45 premium although contain high alcohol but the name was not illegally desgined to attract the customers.This name disclosed the risk of the product. The company has no other option so by the business point of theBATF   should have allowed the company to marketi its repackaged versionof beer to gain its market once again.when the BATF stop the company to discontinue powermaster,   then they should have allowed the company to market colt 45 premium to recover their loss.

Q3: Explain how the three theories of seller’s duties to consumers apply to this incident.
Ans:   The three theories of seller’s duties do not apply this ancident because;
1)According to the contract Theory of sellers duty the product must be safe and the information about the product   must be fully disclosed and should not misrepresent the product while the incident do not fulfill any of these duties.  
2)According to due care theory of seller’s duties the sellers should take care...


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