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Why Is Internet Security Important?

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Why Is Internet Security Important?

ANS: Internet security protects a computer's Internet account and files from being accessed by an unknown and potentially unwanted user. Internet security also serves to protect the user against the pirating of his identity, passwords and private data.

On-line Risk

Every time your computer connects to a network and communicates with other computers, you place yourself and loved ones at risk. By adopting security measures, you can minimize this risk, which takes essentially one of three forms. One is infection of your computer's hard drive with software designed for malicious purposes. A second risk is identity theft, which has led in some cases to actual monetary theft. A third risk is reaching and attracting minors over the Internet.
Malicious Software
Malicious software includes two main categories of programs. Some programs are designed to spy on other computers. These programs can gather personal data, which is then used to send spam to your mailbox. The other category of programs includes viruses, Trojans and bots. These programs affect the proper running of a computer. Many of them serve no purpose other than to do destruction.
Identity Theft
Identity theft is stealing personal information, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers and social security numbers. The thief then poses as the owner of these numbers in order to steal from the victim. Law enforcement authorities estimate that billions or even trillions of dollars change hand on-line every day. Computer users who fail to take security precautions against cyber criminals risk losing their savings.
Targeting Minors
One of the most insidious practices on the Internet involves targeting minors. Web "stalkers," adults who go onto the Internet with the attention of attracting unsuspecting children, may lure children to sites containing violence, pornography or other unsuitable material. In the worst cases, these sick individuals attempt to make...


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