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Computer in New Generation Era

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Computers -The Beginning of a New Era in History
Computers…! A miraculous boon to mankind for sure. Or to be more precise, a simple yes or no answer to this question would sum it all up. Can we come across one particular field or industry which can survive without the use of computers? The answer is definitely negative, because we have reached such a stage where it has become inevitable to survive without this idiot box. But the fact is that there still remains a lot to be known and understood about computers though we tend to apply them almost in every aspect of our day to day life. Let's try and discover the basics of this device. A computer is basically a device that has been designed in such a way that it can carry out instructions fed by a human. The best part is the speed with which it can execute them sequentially and come out with results.
Now how does the computer understand what we want? Here is where the term "program" comes into picture.
A program is nothing but the set of instructions which a computer follows to carry out any particular task be it a simple arithmetic operation such as addition or a complex problem. In order to store these programs or any other such data there has to be a brain or a storage device which is called memory. There are also input devices for the computer through which the data or instruction is fed normally. These input devices are the keyboard and the mouse. Just like how we feed the data into the computer we would also require a medium called the output device to see the accomplished result of our provided instructions in the form of display screens and printers. There is also a central processing unit for executing the instructions inside the computer apart from these components a lot of other parts contribute in making the computer for what it is now. Like say for instance every computer needs a bus to transport the given data from one part of the computer to another. Depending upon the size and power of computers,...


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