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Entrepreneurship: All About Creating Business

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Entrepreneurship Essays
Wow, what an interesting time we live in! Hundreds of millions of people's lives are dramatically becoming better all over the world as economic development and opportunities are being realized at an ever increasing pace. The world really is becoming a much better place to live. At the same time we see a lot of problems with poverty, diceases, starving people and environmental catastrophies. So, is the world really becoming a better place? The answer is yes. The seeming paradox is a consequence of globalization. Knowledge, information, technology, capital and people are connected and being able to be transfered on a global scale like we have never seen before. The result is richer people. Value is created through exchange between people with the result of everyone in the exchange getting better off. Nobody is getting poorer. Because of the openness, transparity and communicational possibilities that globalization brings, all of us are now able to imediately and continously see that there are problems such as poverty, violance, deceases and lack of water in all corners of the world where these problems occur. That does not mean that the probelms where not there before. Environmental problems are caused by changing consumption patterns and rapid growth on a global scale but globalization is also the key to solving these problems. The solution is entrepreneurship in a context of globalization.
When poor Chinese workers in a coal factory are causing environmental problems then there is an opportunity for a Chinese entrepreneur to import new environmental technology from the US and Europe to solve the problem. Another solution would be for the Chinese worker to work in a factory that manufactures cell phones or automobiles instead and for China to import environmentally friendly ethanol from Brazil. Today the world is in a better position then ever to reallize the potential in these kind of opportunities. Entrepreneurs are the...


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