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Persuassion, Perspective of Anne Elliot

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September 29, 1814
Lady Russell and Mr. Shepard had advised father to live in Bath for awhile, as well as setting up Kellynch Hall for rent in hopes of relieving the terrible debt we have gotten into. Elizabeth and Mrs. Clay are asked to accompany father on their journey. Mary pleaded that I stay for she was feeling ill. I willing accepted to stay appreciating my use-fullness. We were to stay at the cottage with Mary’s family. As for the beloved Kellynch Hall, it has been given to the Crofts. Their first day they invited Mary and me to accommodate them. For the time we were there they had mentioned that Captain Frederick Wentworth, of course being Mrs. Croft’s brother, was to return from sailing the Laconia and to visit them this evening. My, it’s been 8 years since we have spoken. Also being 8 years since the engagement. I’m sure he has not thought of me considering his busy works. I wonder how he has been lately, considering the time we’ve been apart I’d like to know.                   (exposition)                                                                                                              

October 6, 1814
Charles Musgrove (Mary’s husband),Mary, and I were invited to a dinner tonight at the Musgroves’ welcoming Frederick. Except Mary’s eldest son had a bad fall. We called the apothecary over immediately, and when he came he informed us that he disclocated his collarbone and need to rest for awhile. Charles insisted that he shall go alone to the dinner, for that Mary can watch over the poor child. He had also wanted to be introduced to Mr. Wentworth because they had never met. Their argument went on quite awhile that they had not known that i was present. I honestly did not plan on having any conversation with Mr. Wentworth so I almost instantly offered Mary a favor to watch over her children. The child had a lot of rest throughout the day he wouldn’t be too much trouble for me to watch over, I’m sure. Mary said with gratitude her...


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