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Achilles was a great fighter born and raised. He is said to only have one weakness.

Achilles can be seen to be a great warrior seen through his birth and young life, all the fights he

was on and what he did in Troy.

Furthermore, Achilles can be seen as a great warrior through his birth and young life.

Achilles would always be a keep a calm mind in battle. Grolier’s encyclopedia follows up the

point by saying” he was educated by a phoenix, taught him to be eloquent and to be a man of

action” (Achilles. Grolier). His education allowed him to be calm, cool and collective in the heat

of battle. He was born of hierarchy and of nymph.   Grolier’s encyclopedia is proving the point

by saying “he is the son of Thetis and Peleus, a nymph and a king” (Achilles. Grolier). This means

that he was born in a better family with better education and training than anyone Legend says

that, Achilles was invincible. James hunter from encyclopedia mythica says that he was “dipped

in the river Styx” (Achilles. Mythica). This makes him scare people because he can’t die. Achilles

is a great warrior because of what happened while he was young.

In addition, Achilles is a great warrior shown by all the verbal and physical fights he was

in. It didn’t matter if they were with him or against him, he fought them. Karen says that

“Brise is a slave girl and a war prize Agamemnon or Achilles, they both fought for her” (Iliad).

Fighting a king just shows he will fight anyone. That fight went on for a very long time making

them almost lose the war. In Karen’s book she wrote that” their fight happened in the last year

of the Trojan war” (Iliad). This shows that he would fight anyone if they instigate. Achilles would

do anything to help or avenge his friends. Karen says that “Achilles wants revenge for

Partoclus” (Iliad). This shows that Achilles would fight for his friends. Achilles physical and



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