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Thesis: Gandhi, Garvey, and Gramsci were political figures that through their tactics and ideals were able to mass mobilize and unite millions. Although Garvey, Gandhi, and Gramsci were much alike they were also very different, while Garvey and Gandhi both aimed to accomplish unity and liberty for their people; Gramsci was more philosophical and instead crafted theories that would better his country economically, socially, and politically. By these figures using their tactics towards their goals, ultimately affected the world in a big way.
Topic Sentence: Gandhi and Gramsci both crafted philosophies as tactics that helped them mobilize many followers with its ideals and concepts. Gandhi was able to unite many Indians through the belief of Satyagraha which is the act of nonviolence for resistance; he used this notion as way to guide Indians towards independence without a bloody war, instead with marches, campaigns, and speeches. Whereas Gramsci used his philosophy, Cultural Hegemony to urge Italy to follow his theory and create a culturally-diverse society can be ruled or dominated by one of its social classes.
  *   “In 1971, Gandhi organizes and leads his first Satyagraha or nonviolent protest in India, mobilizing sharecroppers to protest unjust labor conditions in the Champaran district.” (The Power of Non Violent action: Gandhi and Indian Nationalism Pamphlet)
  * “Gramsci believed that it was necessary for institutions to exist that could organize the entire class, through which the class could educate itself and come to realize its revolutionary potential. He argued that changes in production during the war gave rise to the material conditions that made the formation of soviets possible.” (Gramsci: The Turin Years Packet)
  * “Gandhi believed that the core of every religion was truth (Satya), love, violence (Ahimsa) and the Golden rule. He was deeply influenced by the Christian teaching of nonresistance and ‘Turning the other cheek’” (Gandhi and Indian...


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