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The Most Important Animal in India

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The animal is most important which plays crucial role in the country's economy. In India, a large vareity of animals are there which helps the people in various ways like providing food, helping in work or security, as example, a Dog which is helpful to people for guarding houses and belongings and is considered as the most loyal animal, Hen gives eggs and is useful for food also. In my opinion in those animals most important animal for my country is cow. There are many reasons I beleive on my belief as cow is helpful for work, gives milk and we use their wastage as fertilizer.

The most important reason is we get milk from cow, which is most important food in daily life. From small children's to older one's depends on milk. Children are depended on milk, if we don't give them milk , they don't get required protein/vitamin in their daily life. Older one's want tea or coffee, for that they need milk. Milk is basic necessity to the India's diet.

The second reason is that cow is useful for work. Our country's economy depends on agriculture. Though country is developing in industries but majority of population still depends on agriculture. People use cow for agricultural works. From hundreds of year ago, people started using cow for harvesting plants and many agricultural works. So cow is playing very significant role in farmer's life. We celebrate a festival on their name. On that day we pray the cow, and give sweets and rest to them.

The third reason is cow's waste is useful for agriculture. Cow's wastage is a necessary nutrition for plants. Now days we use lots of chemical fertilizers for plants. Excessive use of these fertilizers damages soil and is ineffective to next generation. Cow's waste is natural fertilizer which is solution for this problems. Cow's waste is cheap and is easily available any were. 

In conclusion, in all animals cow is significant in every aspect, which is helpful not only for work but gives milk and also nutrition to plants....


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