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Drug Use Brave New World

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Drug use

At the heart of every society lays many social issues. Controversy stems from these issues, but it is clear which one stands out in the crowd, Drug use. The most prominent drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy are littered behind the curtain of society. Interestingly enough, these drugs have very similar effects to the effects of a drug called Soma in Brave New world written by Huxley.   People can not walk the streets of suburbia with ought being bombarded by drug deals all around them. Although these drug deals are made to be sleek and sly, a trained eye can spot them out . One drug in Brave New world written by Huxley is called Soma which is similar in many ways to different drugs in the real world today. Most do not grasp what an impact it has on our society.   For example the public’s eye is blind to “how many professionals are taking drugs in conservative suburban areas ”, while at the same enjoying successful, high-powered careers”. These drugs have dangers and many people misuse or abuse them, at the same time they can potentially have medical applications when handled scientifically, giving doses instead of getting “high”. In many ways drugs can be seen negatively in society and at the same time have many positive roles and aspects.
Soma is portrayed in the novel is one of happiness and delight shown through the effect it has on characters such as when Bernard’s view of a joke changes, “…after two grammes of Soma the joke seemed, for some reason good” (Huxley, 105). The effects of Soma include happiness, forgetfulness if taken too much, calmness , and increased libido. One such drug that increases happiness is cocaine which targets dopamine receptors in your brain (the pleasure and reward center). These mood altering effects enable the world state to keep its entire population happy along with other methods, but Soma is the fix all drug for that society. Although Soma fixes any problems people in that society have to deal with socially,...


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