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Do you know the most popular pastime in the world is reading? Now there are various kinds of books available and we can learn lots of things from them. Books become the main source of knowledge we obtain. There are about three advantages in reading as follows: 

First, books provide us with various aspects of knowledge. We can learn physics, chemistry, mathematics and philosophy etc. from books.These are all necessary for us. Without the scientific knowledge, a person will probably not know how to operate a washing machine and how to use a computer. Without all this knowledge, a person can't live a better life in the modern world. 

Second, reading makes us understand the world more. If we have one month and one thousand dollars, we can only travel to one or two places to learn how people live there. But how many books can we buy with the money and how many books can we finish in one month? All these books may contain information about dozens of places, we can learn more by reading than by traveling. 

Third, reading is the most romantic and the safest kind of traveling. By reading,we can travel to the north pole without having to endure the freezing cold;we can also go to the desert without having to fear the threat of thirst.We can also go back to the ancient times to have a look at the people's life without any difficulty. 

Of course,traveling gives us direct experiences.It's much more exciting and active than reading.It's necessary for a person to expand his horizon.When you have a chance or enough money and time, you can travel around the world,it will make your life more pleasant and make you have a deep understanding about the people and the world. 

But as students, we don't have enough time and money to travel around; and studying is the most important thing for us to do. So why not read as many books as possible when we are young? This way we can get enough knowledge to serve the people and the society better. Anyway we will have enough chances...


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