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Athletes Not Overpaid

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If you've ever shook your fist at a world where dunking a basketball is worth more than teaching a child how to do multiplication, you might want to know the answer. How in the world can LeBron James come out of high school to tens of millions of dollars while a Ph.D. in biology guarantees you nothing more than a nice piece of paper to frame and hang on a wall in an office? A lot of people think that it is outrageous the amount of money athletes get paid. In all due respect who would not take their spot. Everyone wants to make money, it’s basically human instinct right? People were taught to work towards a career, and provide as much as possible for their family? It is possible to sit down and write the names of professional athletes that are being paid at the moment but what is not possible is writing down every name of the person that tried to become that athlete. Most people will agree the odds of winning the lottery are greater than becoming a professional athlete. Those men dedicated and gave up their life to become the person who they are. Being a professional athlete comes with a lot of consequences and risk. One question to think about is how come people say professional athletes are overpaid; no one complains about their favorite actor/actress as the star role in their favorite movie? Professional athletes have a big impact on America’s society, and most people will stand against me when I say that they well deserve the pay they receive.
Not only is it because they are good at their job, but they also influence a lot of people. A child growing up may always has an idea on what they want as their profession eventually. Most children say that they want to be some kind of professional sports player. When you ask them why, they rarely respond with “for the money.” They say things such as “because I want to be the best, just like Johnny Bench” or simply “Because I love it”. Every kid has a hero, and most likely their hero is a professional sports...


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