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Princess Elizabath

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Alyssa Nyckie Singleton
P: 4th

The book I read was called Beware, Princess Elizabeth it is about Princess Elizabeth’s life before she became queen and all of the difficulties that she went through as a child It takes place in various locations in England, the time period is the Medieval times. The author is Carolyn Meyer.

Princess Elizabeth was very beautiful. She had long, curly, thick golden red hair it spiraled around her face. She was very pale and had very dark eyes. She was tall and thin. She was also very loving and caring.

She had many conflicts with her sister Mary. Mary trapped her in a tower, because Mary was afraid that Elizabeth was going to steal her crown. Henry VIII sent Elizabeth’s mom to death because she could not have a heir to the thrown (male child). After King Edward died, Mary became Queen. Mary got really sick while baring a child; Mary had a stillbirth and after lived a little while longer. She hated the fact that if she died Elizabeth would become Queen. After Mary died Elizabeth became Queen.

The research I did told me a lot including the way Queen Mary Died, she did not die from falling out of a window; she died because of an illness, and died in her sleep. Queen Mary got the name “Bloody Mary” because, she was trying to get rid of the Protestant religion, she wanted everyone to go back t0 Roman Catholicism, and she did this by force. Many Protestant leaders were executed because of Queen Mary. Mary always hated and resented Elizabeth, they were half sisters, Mary was 17 when Elizabeth was born, Mary was very unhappy because when Elizabeth was born Mary’s title changed she went from Princess Mary to Lady Mary. The same thing happened to Elizabeth when her brother Edward was born. When King Henry VIII died Edward at only 9 became king.

I really liked this book because of all the descriptions it gave. I think that anyone who likes Historical Fiction would definitely like this book because there is a lot more historical...


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