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The Decision

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The Decision
Bam! The sound of my front door getting busted down by military uniformed men awakes me quickly. They quickly come and grab me and yank me out of bed. I am soon met by my family all being dragged to the street and put on a bus. We are quickly separated by gender and put on different sides of the bus. I still don’t know what is going on but the uniformed men stated to everyone that there was an immediate protocol taken place in order to protect our lives. I found this strange; however I had to live with what small information that was given knowing I wouldn’t get anymore. I decided to wait it out and just see where they were taking us and trying to pull in all the information I could on the way.
After making several stops at houses that seemed to be randomly picked we arrived at this huge field. There were lights that were lighting up the dark gloomy night; there were also fences and many people in rather lengthy lines. We were soon directed off the bus and separated into male and female lines. I only live with my mom, therefore it was slight tough on me. However I knew that there was something awfully bad going on, and I saw many people getting pulled out of line for causing disturbances or anything that was slowing down the line. Knowing this I kept my cool and just listened to the authorities.
I was soon at the doorway that led to other unknown places. Seeing over a few people I witnessed several doctors scanning people with some electrical thermometer looking device and every singled time it beeped they were hastily carried away by military men. I noticed that even the doctors were wearing suits that went over there whole bodies and had a mask on the front filtering their air when they breathed. Before I knew it they were scanning me. Seconds felt like hours but there was no beeping and I had one of the biggest reliefs I have ever felt. There was no other feeling that could have mounted up to when they said the word "clear." However quickly...


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