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Pictorial Composition Form 2

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10th DecemberHi Vic, How are you? What are you doing this New Year’s Eve? Jean andI have decided to hold a party at home this year, and we’d love it if you could come.We’re planning quite a small party with our old school friends, soyou’ll know all of the guests. There’ll be lots to eat and drink. We’vedecided to give the party a Mexican theme, with lots of spicy food.You’ll probably be coming by train won’t you? Just give us a ringfrom the station and I’ll pick you up. As the party will be quite late,you’ll need to stay the night. Don’t worry there’s plenty of room foreverybody.We’ll, I really hope you can make it. It seems ages since we lastsaw. Please let me know as soon as possible.Lots of love,Mark
Dear Maria,I thought you'd never reply to my last letter! Anyway, back to your question. Well, if I wereyou, I'd choose the museum job.Working in a restaurant would be very tiring. Trust me I've done such a job, and I quit within amonth! However you talk to lots of people, listen to their discussions which can sometimes bevery interesting but still you get really tired.Working in a museum though can be really interesting. You just have to explain to the visitorswhat is what. You may think that you will have to talk all day, but that's not true. You see many   people just like to browse through the museum. You also have to remind the rules of themuseum to some that disobey them, but these people are usually very few; not something you should worry about.I heavily suggest you take the museum job. It's easier and less tiring. I'm looking forward to get your reply.Lots of love,George


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