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The Bottle
Uploaded by Wade Whittaker on Feb 10, 2006
Standing on the shore line,staring off into the expanse of the Pacific Ocean,near the fifth street beach .him and I used to meet here.I listen to the fog horn from the near by harbor.he had asked me to always try to hear it from where ever I may be.I have kept my promise.

My head slowly hangs low,my eyes fill with tears as my mind fills with over whelming emotions of bitter sweet memories.I slump to my knees onto the wet sand of the beach.I open my eyes and I focus on a corked green glass bottle rolling in the gentle waves that are slapping onto the shore.

As I hold the bottle in one hand I noticed that it was the same bottle that I had cast into the out going tide many weeks ago.I wrote a note and placed it inside.My dear darling love,I need for you to know that I love you always and I miss you so.I signed my name.

I uncorked it and took out the lined paper,unrolling it,I read the message.It said ,she loves you too, It was signed,the Angel of Destiny.

I felt comfort now that some how he does know that I love her more than any words can ever define.The fear that I had that she may had forgotten me is now passed.I think of him every day and some how I do know that she thinks of me also.I will always have the bitter sweet memories in joy and not in pain.

The great dream and hope I had that we would come together again some day is now gone.Never to hear his angelic voice again,to know his tender touch.The magic of the breath taking feeling of being with him.

A healing of the painful heart that in the knowledge that he loves me still,is traded for the pain of loosing a dream by a note in the bottle


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