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Jamini Bhagu
English 2- Period 2
Medea Case
December 12, 2011
I request you, the people of the jury and our esteemed judge, to listen to all that I have to say before coming to a final decision. Is what my client, Medea, did truly worthy of a first degree murder or death penalty? The majority of us would say “yes, of course, what she did was completely unacceptable and dishonorable”. But there is a lot more to the story then just her misdemeanor. She was frantically in love with Jason. This made what she did not totally and completely her fault. Jason abandoned Medea and their two children. Any women would do something of sort out of fury and retribution though I must agree that a women wouldn’t kill so many people. This situation made her a little extreme and fuming at Jason.   It also caused her to create psychosomatic issues which made her want to kill Creon and the others.   Let me go in depth about this matter.
First and foremost, she had done a lot for Jason out of love. She had killed the great serpent that had been protecting the Fleece herself. To buy time for their escape, she had slaughtered her own brother. Her father had been grief-stricken and searched through the Agro for the remains of his son to bury. When Jason’s father had died, her uncle had unrightfully taken his throne. To help Jason, she even convinced Jason’s cousins that she could restore their father’s youth but they killed him instead. Instead of being given the throne, Medea, Jason and their two sons were sent to exile. They decided to settle in Corinth which is where all this drama had began.  
To add to that, Jason had deceived Medea in Corinth. He left her for Glauce, the daughter of the King of Corinth, Creon. This fueled her up to obtain a revenge on Glauce and Jason. She had felt betrayed because she had given up so much for him such as murdering her own brother to help him escape with the Golden Fleece. Medea also tricked the daughters of a rival king, Pelias, into...


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