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Love Story ( Old Essay)

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As the sun was setting over the beach, I sat on a rock and bathed my feet in the cool refreshing water. I closed my eyes and felt a warm breeze. The wind was playing with my hair. The sun was shining in my face. It was sunset. There was no smile on my face, I came here heartbroken. There was only one person that my heart was longing for…

in my life I had everything. I had money, big house, everything that I wanted, but I couldn’t have the one I love. Money had nothing to do with it. Since I was a kid my parents were strict. I had to obey their rules otherwise they punish me. Since my younger sisters death my parents wanted me to be the best. I had no free time. As a teenager my life was miserable. My parents wanted me to marry this business man Jason Bradley. They thought he was the perfect man for me. They were so wrong. They never cared about my feelings or what I wanted. One day before my wedding I ran away to the Spain. There I met Andres. This beach is the memory of our love. I will never see him again.

My parents never liked Andres because he wasn’t rich. He wasn’t business man. He was an ordinary person. Andres was the person who made me feel complete. With him I was safe. We were crazy about each other. In this beach we used to talk, laugh, look at the sunset and share our love. However that didn’t last for long. My parents found me in here and dragged me back to the Ireland. They were telling me how ashamed they are of me. That they can’t even look at Jason’s parents eyes because of me. Without Andres I felt empty. I was crying for days. I couldn’t stand the fact that I won’t see him again. Being without him my life had no meaning. After few months I found out that I was pregnant. That turned my world upside down…

My mother ignored me since I ran away. She couldn’t stand me. My father was kind to me. He was taking care of me. He used to check if I’m eating healthy so both me and my baby are healthy. I was so excited to become a mother, but I...


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