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Infaltion in Pakistan

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inflation ! it is a curse. affecting the people of alll socities from 1st class to midddleclass till 4rth class public.
it is the major reason behind many of the conflicts arising daily in our country, but the order which is affected the most are least incmed

people.it the major cause of our country under development , crime rate, and illetracy. prices of every single edible to wearable is

becoming high day-by-day and the quality and material used is downcasting.things are growing expensive and overpriced. the rise of

inflation has many reasons , exploiting not my government but it has played alots of role inflating the every single substance ,

blackmarketing is the mother of inflation . as it should be bannned and stop unfeeding the poors . the beggar society has increased alot ,

they are seen on each and every corners of roads begging to others for their liveli hood , many of the parents which can't feed their

offsprings have left thier children to death. electricity , gas , telephonic bills,income tax , school fees, grocery items, land tax, pay tax ''HOW

COULD A SINGLE MAN PAY LOADS OF TAXES?'' how come he could survive paying theses bills of highscale . ''INFLATION AND TAXTAION IS

SUCKING THE BLOOD OF PEOPLE'' they are turning our minds towards cruelty and criminelness.
why we are unfed as our country PAKISTAN is an agricultral one ? why we are given low quality staples instead our country is producing

highquality eatables? whe we are supposed to be underestimated ? why?
the answers to such questions is nothing else then the lack of suporvisory on our food suppliers , and governmental acts.
administratives are responsilbe for high rates of bills .the electricity stealors are the major parasites responsible for costly bills .

loadshedding is done for several of hours which my 9 to 12 hours daily but we still have to pay such expensive bills.
four to five years ago when i went to markets to buy dryfruits for self i...


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