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A Date with Konsinki

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Being James Bond is every man's dream.   The beautiful women, fancy cars, dangerous journeys, and beautiful women.   Many men would love to be in his place where all the danger and excitement take place.   We don't have that capability to become an international spy, but in the novel, "Blind Date" by Jerzy Kosinski, we are exposed to a life similar to that of James Bond.   He goes through secret negotiations.   Jerzy Kosinski's use of words greatly contributes to the novel's excellence.   He forces the reader to imagine everything that happens in the novel using very descriptive words and phrases.   The main character of the novel is George Levanter.   He poses as an investor and a playboy.   "Blind Date" is in fact almost rated X novel because Levanter makes love to many women through his whole life, all of which are described in detail in the novel.   Kosinski writes Levanter as a secret man and many times never revealing who he really is inside.   What's interesting about the novel is that Kosinski and Levanter share many things in common.   Kosinski's life and memories are scattered throughout the book giving the reader a window to see his life through the eyes of Levanter.

Jerzy Kosinski was born in Lodz, Poland in 1933.   Kosinski was separated from his parents shortly after Nazi Germany's invasion of Lodz, and the fear and violence that he experienced during World War II left a scar on his soul.   Shortly after the war, Kosinski was reunited with his family.   Kosinski studied sociology and political science at the University of Lodz.   At the age of 24, he left his homeland and established a new culture in the United States, where he taught himself the English language in 4 months.

Kosinski's life truly is present in the novel.   He writes about moving, being out of place, and looking for love, all of which describes Levanter.   After moving to the United States, Kosinski started to write and publish novels and sociology books.   He is known for his vivid imagination...


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