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A Crave for Salvation

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“A Crave For Salvation”
(Original Composition Of
Aimee Claire Padilla)

This 21st century, it is very alarming to know that in this generation of ours, earthquakes; tsunamis; flashfloods; landslides; typhoon and other unexpected disasters are widespread, thus, destroying great properties and sometimes may put our existence into end. Could you imagine people young and old dying every day, every hour, every minute all over the world? These are happening because we are under the cruel hands of Global Warming. Who and what causes this global phenomena? Of course, it’s US! Our daily activities are the main ingredients of global warming. It is very distressing to face this sad reality that we are the ones killing ourselves softly.
Due to continuous innovations brought about by modern technology, the natural process of living vanished. People nowadays are dependent to technology because of the convenience everyone desire. The air conditioners, refrigerators, aerosol sprays, burning garbage, factories and motor vehicles are some of the factors that cause air pollution. Air conditioners and refrigerators contain Freon gas; motor vehicles and factories emit carbon monoxide; aerosol sprays contain CFC’s. These materials deplete the ozone layer that protects the earth from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
When it comes to waste disposal, it is also undeniable that most of us are not observing proper waste segregation. Others also dump their trashes into bodies of water unmindful of the consequences of their actions. Don’t they know that a single plastic or paper thrown into the ocean and dropped into the land creates a big difference? Let’s just remember that even a piece or a single drop pollutes.
The trees in our forests are gone day by day because of kaingin and illegal logging. The marine resources are endangered because of muro-ami and dynamite fishing. In short, the paradise before turns to be just likes an abandoned place today.
What’s the solution? Well,...


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