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Love is a strong word, it’s an overwhelming feeling of happiness that cannot be described, the relationships in A Midsummer Night’s Dream are representations of the different ways we show affection.  The Royal couple are very mature and loving, while the lovers relationship is the complete opposite.  The lovers are a childish couple, that do the most eccentric things that cause them trouble and embarrassment.  The relationship between Oberon and Titania is counterfeit and provokes jealousy between one another.  Love is hidden between these relationships at several points in time, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Throughout the understanding of these relationships, you will learn the different natures of love and how it isn't always simple.

  Theseus and Hippolyta have the best relationship, they demonstrate complete affection to each other.   In Act 1, scene 1, Theseus says “I wooed thee with my sword”.  This goes to show that Theseus is truly in love with Hippolyta and he does have the intentions of treating her properly.  In Act 5, scene 1, Hippolyta says “My Theseus”.   This demonstrates that Hippolyta has the same intentions and they have in fact, true love for one another.   Their love for each other is also reflected in their speech, their words are much more controlled and not as absurd as the relationships between the four lovers.   “Having once this juice, I’ll watch Titania when she is asleep, and drop the liquor of it in her eyes.”   Act 2, scene 1.   Evidently, the relationships between the four lovers and the Royal couple are incomparable.

  The Lovers are immature and foolish children who have yet grasped the concept of love.     Helena is a fool because Demetrius does not love her but she continues to chase him.   Demetrius shows no love for Helena. "Do I entice you?   Do I speak you fair?   Or rather do I not in plainest truth tell you I do not, nor I cannot love you?" Demetrius clearly illustrates to Helena that he has no interest, but Helena...


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