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The Arab Spring Grows Into Muslim Turmoil

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The Arab spring grows into Muslim turmoil
Dmitriy SEDOV | 01.09.2011 | 07:41 |
Informational warfare launched by the West in the Muslim world could not but result in the Arab youth betraying their traditional values and taking to the streets to express their protest. It is absolutely evident that these protests were orchestrated from overseas. This became particularly clear in the final stage of the armed confrontation in Libya.

Imposing pro-democratic values in countries with hard-line regimes could not but bring them into a historical deadlock. The waves of unrest started taking unusual shapes… The Arab Spring gave the world three successful anti-government coups – in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, and three influential anti-government movements – in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain. In the last three countries things have not yet been settled. It seems that Yemenis are seeking for the Libyan scenario, while the Yemeni government sent troops to Sanaa to suppress the protests.

However, the way things unfold in these countries does not mean that their nations will soon be living under the democratic rule.

The Libyan opposition has taken quite a notable course. Their leadership comprises factions which had never been friends. So, new violence is very likely the moment they start fighting for power. And what is also very important that during Gaddafi`s 40-year rule many Libyans became well-to-do people. Now that the economic development is stalled, only a consolidated approach can change things for the better. Chances are too low for this to happen, and several months after the end of the Gaddafi regime his supporters may start chanting anti-democratic slogans.

Since the Libyan population consists of tribes, the ousted Colonel has enough supporters. The recent events show that Algeria- since it has not recognized the National Transitional Council – is ready to support Gaddafi. This all means that new outbreaks of civil war are highly likely.

NATO does not...


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