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The Photoelectric Effect

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Speed of light and Maxwell's constant (Relative Relativity)
The speed of light is the most famous natural constant. The value of many parameters, and also the validity of many theories and postulates, was based on its size. In fact, it is a speed of moving of photons as quanta of electromagnetic radiation. The size of this fundamental physical constants is determined - on the one hand - on the basis of values obtained by measuring , and on the other hand - on the basis of electro magnetic theory by J. C. Maxwell (James Clerk, 1831-1879). Namely, in his "Dynamic theory of electromagnetic fields" published in the 1865th The Maxwell defined constant which determines the relation between electric and magnetic phenomena, where the relationship - in a dimensional sense represented speed and had a very close numerical value to measured value of speed of light.
Although this fact was only emphasizing fact that the light has electromagnetic nature, these two highly related but essentially different, natural categories were completely equalized and completely associated not only in terms of quantity but in terms of quality also! Unfortunately, even bigger mistake was made when this "unified" velocity value was adopted as "the greatest possible speed of any phenomenon in nature", and then it became a key value of the Lorentz transformations.
This is one of the most important, although unintentionally committed (procedural) errors in the development of scientific thought , because with this mistake we lost an one entire world - a world that is an integral part of the existing reality, but completely inverse for the one that we know. First world which is measurable and perceptually accessible to us, we call reality. The seccond one, extremely far from our senses but quite familiar with our experience although it is not directly measurable, also exist as a real component of one higher reality we live in. This “lost world” we only can anticipate, theoretically we...


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