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Obesity in Amarica

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The Cause For Obesity
Overeating will lead to gaining weight and eventually become the cause for obesity. People who get less sleep usually prefer to eat foods that are much higher in calories and carbohydrates, which leads to eating to much calories, gaining weight, and becoming obese over time. People who have Cushing’s syndrome gain weight, have upper-body obesity, a rounded face, fat around the neck, and thin arms and legs. The cause for obesity is usually genetic and hormonal related and influences the body to put on weight, obesity occurs when you eat more calories than you are able to burn through your normal daily activities along with exercise. Obesity is a condition that is occured when you have excessive amounts of body fat. If your BMI (body mass index) is over 30 you will be characterized as obese. If your BMI is over 25 you are considered overweight.
The current rate for obesity is going up at a dangerous rate worldwide, particularly in the western countries. Over one million Americans have a BMI over 40! That is double than what it was in 1980′s.  Overweight children has also doubled in the same time. A we are witnessing, each generation is getting fatter than the last. That’s why there is a major concern that obesity will become an epidemic by 2020.
The Most Common Cause For Obesity
Genetic factor: The relationship between obesity and inheritance is yet unkown, there is research showing kids of overweight and obese parents people tend to be bigger than fit parents. The reason for this most likely is eating the same as the parents and taking on these habits in later life. If Parents are teaching there children unhealthy eating habits, then it becomes natural for the children to continue eating unhealthy.
Over Eating: eating more food then what the body actually needs is one of the major causes of obesity. Previous generations the population was able to manage what they ate with there calorie expenditure, this was before the onslaught of fast...


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