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Animal Testing 6

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Using animals for testing has been a major issue in today’s society.   Firstly, by using animals for testing it causes them immense suffering.   Secondly, it is an appalling example for our children.   Finally, it is usually for worthless and insignificant products.   As Australians we need to come together and stop this issue as it is harming animals.

Animals are suffering horrifying pain due to testing.   They are forced out of their habitats and into cages so that scientist can test products on them.   Most of the animals that are being tested on do not have a chance of going back to their natural habitat.   They either die a slow painful death from testing, or continued being tested on until they die.   The products that are being tested on the animals make them suffer immense amount of pain; for example, in 2006 scientists captured chimpanzees and tested shampoo on them.   From the shampoo, the chimpanzee’s eyes were constantly burning and their skin continually itched and burned, giving them scars and scabs.   This is just one example of what happens to the poor, defenseless animals that are forced as test subjects.

By testing on innocent animals we are setting dreadful examples for our children. As parents, how can you say things like treat things the way you want to be treated when you say it is okay for animals to be tested on?   Also, from the violence and cruelty given to animals, our children’s minds will be psychologically unstable.   This will make the world become full of hate, wars and suffering.   Do you want your child thinking what is the difference between killing animals and killing humans? This will happen if animal testing is not stopped and people agree or do not care about what happens to the animals that are stolen from their habitat.

Animal’s lives are being taken away for insignificant and meaningless junk.   By not stopping animal testing you are saying useless products like perfume, makeup and body gels are more important then animals...


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