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in the heart of Johannesburg, you are woken up by the sound of taxi hooters and the hustle and bustle of people. the rush to the bus stop leading to school is where love crossed my path

I sat upon a crisp wooden bench with a metal bronze frame consisting of elegent curls. It was a unique bench designed for lovers alone.

The view from the bench was rather urban, skyhigh buildings and factories touched the clouds above, blocking out the suns rays. Racing taxis, buses, anxious business men and pedestrians were all in sight.

Then suddenly a gleaming light shimmered on his silky black hair and his eyes shone brighter than the light that shone on him. His sharp and extravagent features had caught my attention and grabbed my heart.... I had fell in love.

While sitting   on the bench I fell deep in thought of how I'd aproach him with no acknowledgement of the movement around me. I looked ahead and he was no longer there, in despair a frown grew upon my face and then a deep but charming voice asked "Whats the matter" I looked left and there he was beside me.

We spoke but it seemed as if there was silence between us. So profound, was our new found love for each other, we needed no words to express it. i watched his smile grace his face as he laughed at my silly mistakes.i had suddenly become nervous and could feel butterflies fluttering in the very depth of my soul....

His bus had finally arived and i could not help myself but ask him tostay. He looked towards me and said "Dont worry, we shall meet again" and within that moment he had disappeared. it suddenly felt as if the tall glass buildings had shattered upon my shoulders and pierced my heart.

A few weeks had passed and i found myself sitting in class and my teacher announced that there was a new pupil. i looked towards the door and there he was. His smile shone across the room towards me and i couldnt help but smile in return.

from this i have learnt that whats meant to be will always find a way.


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