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Louis Pasteur in Denial? a Lie Told by Germ Theory Denialists

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I'll upload this document to archive.org sometime in the near future.   Otherwise, enjoy!

v   Louis Pasteur recanted his germ theory on his deathbed and said that Antoine Beauchamp was right.

First, even if Pasteur recanted his germ theory on his deathbed, that does not invalidate all of the other evidence collected and verified by other scientists and researchers that validates his theory.   To put it in perspective, if it was discovered that Galileo recanted his heliocentric theory on his deathbed, does that invalidate the legion of evidence from satellite imaging, professional and amateur astronomers, NASA, astronauts etc.?   No.   As frustrating as that sounds to the less than 1,000 people in America who still believe in the delusional geocentric model as the universe, that’s not how reality works.

Secondly, according to The Life of Pasteur by Rene Vallery-Radot, on page 242 the following paragraph reveals Pasteur’s final words on his deathbed:

“The last week in September he was no longer strong enough to leave his bed, his weakness was extreme.   On September 27, as he was offered a cup of milk: “I cannot,” he murmured; his eyes looked around him with an unspeakable expression of resignation, love and farewell.   His head fell back on the pillows, and he slept; but, after this delusive rest, suddenly came the gaspings of agony.   For twenty-four hours he remained motionless, his eyes closed, his body almost entirely paralyzed; one of his hands rested in that of Mme. Pasteur, the other held a crucifix.”

Nope.   Nothing about recanting any theories at all.   Also, by using the search feature on the PDF document of that book, I could not come across any mentions of Antoine Beauchamp. This indicates that (assuming that this is an accurate account) Pasteur did not say Beauchamp was right.   If you want to see for yourself, the book is available on archive.org in PDF format:



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