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The Zorgs

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Once, all was well in Unicorn Land. Rainbows were huge, sugar cubes were plentiful and the sun was always shining brightly. Unicorns were always smiling, always playing and having a whale of a time. Everyone in Unicorn Land thought that this was too good to be true. And indeed, it was. EVERYTHING was about to change...

The evil Zorgs invaded the beautiful land. Everyone was shocked out of their wits. The Zorgs were alway on friendly terms with them. Who knew they were plotting a scheme against them?! Disaster and pandemonium struck the whole of Unicorn Land! MANY, MANY Unicorns were defeated and taken into Zorg to be slaves. The Unicorns who were used to playing all day were not used to doing work, least of all being SLAVES. They struggled to cope with the stress, becoming more and more depressed day by day. Their luscious manes were turning white with their stress.

Meanwhile, the several Unicorns in Unicorn Land who managed to survive and escape, crawled out from their hiding space and formed a small crowd of about 20 Unicorns at the nearby bakery, one of the only few standing buildings around left. A small Unicorn, about the age of 8 shouted out, “We must DO something! Look at us! From a happy, merry land, to it’s former glory!” the remaining Unicorns nodded at his words and a few of them started weeping, at their loss.

The small Unicorn, called Unibolt, shouted, “This is NO time to be crying you guys! Do you think I’M not scared or sad? Brave up people! Let’s get ready to save them! Take a bath! Let’s meet back here in 1hour yeah?” “Yes Yes no time to waste! Let’s go people!” Unicole shouted. Everyone scurried off but some older Unicorns started grumbling a little “Who does that little squirt think he is?? Giving us orders like he owns us! BAH!” Unicole walked up to them, “We’re not giving orders! We’re giving SUGGESTIONS. Unless you have any better ideas on what to do?” The older unicorns stared embarrassedly at their hooves and left.

When everyone...


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