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Europe Between 1789 and 181

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By comparing Sources A and B we can observe that between 1789 and 1812 the map of Europe had changed radically. SOURCE B shows us that by 1812, France, ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte, reached the climax of its power and Napoleon ruled either directly or indirectly.
Sources A and B tell us that the French empire grew significantly. Source A and B shows us that at between 1789 and 1812 France invades Spain, gaining control of the entire kingdom.   Portugal remains independent at 1812. France overwhelmed its enemies on the mainland, capturing Spain, Italy, Naples and all of the Netherlands, and most of Western/Central Europe. UK, Denmark and Norway stay the same. The Sources also tell us that Catalonia, the United Provinces, Bremen, Corsica, Papal States and the Illyrian Provinces became part of the French Empire.  
However, Source B tells us that Napoleon did not take personal control of the all the land he had conquered. There was too much of it. Source B tells us that Napoleon shared land out among his family, for them to govern, so he can gain as much power as he possibly can for a strong alliance among the other countries.   Source B tells us that Spain, Italy, Naples and Westphalia were states ruled by Napoleon’s family.
Source A tells us that In 1721 Poland were in the map of Europe, but Source B tells us that by 1812 Russia, Prussia and Austria claimed to parts of Poland near their respective borders. Napoleon also managed to conquer polish land and establish the Gr.Duchy of Warsaw. The partition resulted in complete annexation of Poland to foreign powers.
The sources tell us that France conquers The Holy Roman Empire states, forming the Confederation of the Rhine, ending the Holy Roman Empire. Source A and B show that in 1721 The Holy Roman Empire was made up of hundreds of minute states, but France organises its newly-acquired states into the Confederation of the Rhine; German states are unified forming one dependant state, which is less vulnerable to...


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