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The Last Knight

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In the following passage there is a lot of descriptive language that has been used to emphasis the relationship between Andre and Jacob. The choice of words the writer uses gives a vivid description of the scene .There is also variety of different techniques that have been used for example simple language and short sentences that brings out emotions like sympathy from the reader.
The writer takes the reader straight into the story by avoiding irrelevant introductions and getting to the point by saying “Andre was lying on the floor” This phrase engages the reader’s interest because the reader would wonder what he would be doing on the floor. Moreover the reader might feel that the character Andre is in some sort of danger because normally in films they tend to show the person on the floor as the weaker one. As the paragraph continues it shows that people are writing their “final message.” This shows that this could probably be the last message these people write before they die. The reader might link the title “the last night” with this and would then start to sympathize and also realize that the time these people have on earth may be limited due to the fact that they could then be sent to concentration camps shortly. There is a lot of emphasis being put on the fact that this is their final moments alive the writer shows this by ending the sentence with the words final message, this   makes the reader reflect back on what the writer has said.
The writer also builds up the setting by saying that “those who drank from half a dozen cups that circulated drank in silence.” The word those shows us that there was only a handful of people that actually drank from the cups out of the many that were present in the room. The writer has put more emphasis on there being a hand full of people by saying that there were only half a dozen cups. This shows that there could have been only 6 people or a few more that actually drank those cups. This evokes empathy in the reader...


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