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Abortion 2

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Did you know around 1.5 million abortions took place last year in America alone? Abortions are a necessary part of life in the 21st centaury with many women believing strongly that there is need for it, be it rape, disability, money issues or simply being too young.   Whatever the reason I firmly believe that abortion is an essential part of modern society and woman should have the right to abort an unwanted child.
The first reason that I believe abortion is needed is the amount of unwanted teenage pregnancies. Last year the pregnancy rate in under 18’s rose again to just over 42,900 pregnancies in the UK. Abortion is especially needed in the UK, as these statistics from the BBC News prove us to have the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Europe. If abortions were not legal in the UK, this could cause major problems for these teens. Pregnancy and birth both put a tremendous strain on a teenager’s body as at this stage in life our bone structure is not fully developed. Having a baby puts teenagers under the risk of injuring her spine and pelvic bones, altering her life forever. At 16 for example, a teen has her whole life ahead of her and the potential for an excellent education. All of this would be thrown away if the adolescent was cruelly forced into bringing a child she did not want, and most likely was not capable of looking after into the world.   Would you really wish this on any young girl?
Many abortions take place after the woman has been raped. It has to be argued that forcing a woman in any case to carry out a pregnancy conceived through rape is morally wrong. Living with the pregnancy for a long 9 months reminding her every day of the horrific event if undoubtedly heartless not accounting for the fact that even after that the simple existence of the child would be a further trauma for the mother. Another reason, not unlike rape, is incest. Many extremely young girls fall unwillingly pregnant by their family members. This is an enormously...


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