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Woman Should Work at a High Level Position

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Most of the jobs in society that are high-paying, powerful, and demand a lot of responsibility are held by men. I believe society could benefit if more women were in position of power and therefore I think the government should reserve a percentage of these jobs for females.

Firstly, the problem of unfair employment distribution appears to come from social convention and not competence or true ability. At a young age, most girls are not encouraged to pursue political office, business success, or professional prestige. On the other hand, boys are told to do these things. As a result, men hold the high level jobs but this does not mean they are very good at what they do. If the government set a quota for hiring women to do high level work, such as working in the government itself, then perhaps women would be more inspired to be ambitious with their life plans.

Furthermore, regulations in the workplace for hiring women would not be a new thing. Although not written or made into law, there seem to be rules for who can and cannot have high-level jobs. For instance, if a man and a woman both compete for the presidency of a company or even the country, and the man is less qualified and less experienced than the woman, the man would still probably get the job because of his sex. Therefore, to legislate a percentage of high level jobs for women would work to fight the unwritten sexist rules of the workplace.

On the other hand, there are many arguments against the use of a quota system for women. It is true that the injustice and discrimination could be reversed. This is to say that some qualified men might be denied a job while some unqualified women would be given   one. Also, the problem of sexism at work could be worsened instead of being overcome. People would doubt whether a woman with a high level job was “truly capable”--men might feel bitterness and resentment, while women might think less of themselves and begin to depend on government “charity.”

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