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Sherlock Jr

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response to Sherlock Jr.

In the movie one of the most memberable scenes to me was when Sherlock slipped on the banana peel. This gag has been used in many other movies or films if you please; a gag that to me doesn’t get old it’s simply a classic.   Of course some of his gags were over exaggerated such as in the scene when Sherlock doesn’t notice that the driver in the motorcycle is missing. This film was very well brought together with the film cutting. They edited in a whole new interesting concept. For example making illusions possible; they made a movie within a movie. This back in the day must have been very interesting to watch. They had many different types of sceneries that they applied to the movie within the film. The most comical one was when Sherlock is surrounded by water and dives in and lands in snow with his feet straight up in the air.
They also brought to the film the close ups such as looking directly to the camera. This type of film making made it much easier for the audience to understand what the concept of the plot was to get the attention of what is important in the film. In this film they had close ups of the book How To Be A Detective they made it so that the only read the steps that needed to be read to understand what was happening in the film since this of course is a silent film.
Another film illusion that they used was the projection of Sherlock when he was asleep in the projection room. He was transparent and looking at himself while he was asleep. I’m not very sure what type of illusion this is but it was very interesting to see that they had this type of I guess you can say technology.


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